Parking Options


 - Complimentary Parking at North Idaho College (NIC) campus -Molstead Parking Lot on the corner of Hubbard Street & River Avenue.

- Parking downtown Coeur d'Alene at your own discretion.

- Complimentary shuttles from NIC parking lot & Coeur d'Alene Resort to and from Resort Golf Course beginning at 9:45am.

- Guests must present their event ticket to board shuttle buses. All will call tickets are held at Coeur d’Alene Resort concierge desk.

Conduct, Customs and Etiquette

  • Everyone is expected to display traditional customs of etiquette, decorum and behavior and to obey all Tournament policies, signs and verbal instructions of the tournament officials.  Protests of all types are forbidden.
  • For security purposes, all ticket purchasers and holders consent to the reasonable inspection of his/her person and property before entering and/or while on the grounds.  Refusal to submit to an inspection, or prohibited items are in your possession will result in exclusion or removal.  
  • The Showcase is a smoke-free event. Absolutely no smoking is allowed on-site during the Showcase.
  • All the tournament contestants are invited guests of the Showcase, and should be treated with courtesy and respect. As the great Bobby Jones said, “In golf, customs of etiquette and decorum are just as important as rules governing play.” Spectators should remain quiet immediately prior to and throughout a player’s swing or putt, withholding any reaction until a swing or putting stroke is completely finished.
  • If following the group from hole to hole, spectators should remain still until all players in the group have completed their shots, or putts on the green, and then move on to the next shot or hole.
  • Stay behind the gallery ropes and cooperate with the course Marshals and all other officials. Kneel or sit down if you are in the front row of a group of spectators.

Prohibited Items List

  • Violation of these policies will subject the ticket holder to removal from the grounds and permanent loss of credentials.
  • Bags or backpacks larger than 10W x 10H x 12D are NOT allowed. All bags subject to inspection.
  • Cameras are not allowed on-site.
  • No computers, laptops, radios, TVs, or walkie-talkies.
  • No fireworks or laser-pointers.
  • No pets, except service animals.
  • Weapons of any kind (regardless of permit).
  • Alcoholic beverages, beverage containers, coolers.
  • Flags, banners, signs.
  • No chairs of any kind, seat cushions, ladders or periscopes.

Security Checkpoint and Storage

  • All guests and belongings must comply with tournament guidelines herein before boarding shuttle buses to the Golf Course.
  • Tickets will be checked before boarding shuttle buses to Golf Course. One (1) admission per ticket.
  • Please remember these important security guidelines as you plan to attend the Showcase. Many items are not allowed into the tournament grounds. You should leave them at home or lock them in your car trunk.   
  • These items will be confiscated and/or searched if brought to the tournament. All small purses and bags are subject to search. These important rules ensure your safety and prevent event disruption.

Mobile Device Policy

  • You must SILENCE your mobile phone and devices at all times.
  • Taking or making calls is only permitted in designated cell phone zones at marked concession areas or indoors, away from play.
  • Violation may result in confiscation of mobile device, or your removal from tournament.

Autographs and Photograph Policy

In an effort to create and ensure an inviting, positive environment; the Showcase kindly prohibits the request of autographs and photographs any where onsite except for designated areas.  

Other Tips

  • Children under the age of 14 are free when accompanied by a ticketed adult
  • Tickets/badges must be prominently displayed at all times.
  • Wear headgear and sunglasses for protection from the sun, and use sunblock.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Familiarize yourself with the First Aid Station located on-site.
  • ATMs can be found near concessions area by driving range and in the Golf Shop.
  • Stay behind the gallery ropes and cooperate with the course Marshals.
  • Kneel or sit down if you are in the front row.
  • Remain still and quiet through each shot and do not move until all players in the group have played or completed the hole.
  • Walk carefully—never run.